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Kathy's love of the Lord came early as a child at the age of 6.  She was influenced by her parents who were Pentecostal Sunday School teachers, and two GA leaders who lived nearby.  Although, through her teen years, she experienced many difficulties that teens do, she felt the Lord calling her to follow him and do whatever work he had for her.  She rededicated her life to Christ as a Baptist when she was 17 years old while attending college at East Central University, Oklahoma.  She studied vocal music with Pete Butler, Music Minister at First Baptist Church of Ada, Oklahoma and composer of "Redeemed" and his wife, Joann.  The Butlers infused a love of ministry in her and, as Kathy was active in the Baptist Student Union, she surrendered to become a summer missionary.

She met and married her husband, Lonnie, as a summer missionary.  She has worked by his side in music through many ministry opportunities.  She has played the piano, organ and keyboard; directed church drama in various churches; and was a youth minister in Louisiana, where her husband served as the music minister.

Kathy holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Speech and Drama and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology.  During the years at seminary in New Orleans, she studied in the ministers' wive's program, worked as an administrative assistant in a medical research facility, and taught at a junior college.  Upon returning to Albuquerque she completed her teaching certification and has taught middle school for 12 years, and is currently working on a Master of Science degree.  Kathy and her husband, Lonnie, have one daughter, Danielle, and a granddaughter, Jocelyn Victoria (JoVi).

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